Early projects in boatbuilding

16m Greek traditional wooden sailing boat

The boat is of the Perama type, a cargo carrier for the Greek islands. It was designed as a gaff rigged sailer with two masts. For the construction of the boat the loft floor technique was used. The frames were made double sawn and the planking was made carvel-single plank. Parts of the boat were left in natural wood in order to preserve the style of the local yard.

America Cup 21M wooden classic racer

The hull form was inspired by Defiance, designed by George Owen for the 1914 race. Defiance was double planked on steel frames and gaff rigged with club topsail and self-tacking jib. The construction of the replica is wooden and follows Lloyds rules for wooden boat construction.

49m luxury motor yacht - Stern extension

The yacht was built originally as a torpedo boat for the German navy in the beginning of the sixties and later reconstructed to a motor yacht. The project was the extension of the stern by three meters in a form of a modern double stairs arrangement. The original construction was made with steel floors, steel bottom longitudinals, aluminum frames, aluminum deck longitudinals and three layers of wooden planking. The project was under the approval of Bureau Veritas.

32m Steel motorsailer

The boat has a canoe hull form but her appearance is close to the American schooner style. Has three masts and she is driven by two 250hp engines. The deck is wooden and the bulwark is made bwooden planks over steel frames. The boat is designed to be classified as an Offshore Racing Yacht according to the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) rules.

Custom Aluminum 44 feet

The hull form is an early model of the VK Yacht series of Aluminum performance sailing yachts. The construction was made as a kit where all the parts were cut in The Netherlands and the final assembly and welding was made in Greece.